What is Dental Fluorosis?

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Fluoride is a crucial mineral for all kids. Our mouths contain the bacterium that mixes with sugars within the foods we tend to eat and also the beverages we tend to drink. The acid that's created harms solid body substance and damages teeth. Fluoride protects the teeth and may even facilitate reverse early signs of decay. however the redoubled availableness of fluoride these days has resulted in an addition of one thing referred to as dental fluorosis.
1)Use pea size amount of fluoride for kids beneath six yrs.
2)It is healthier to avoid the fluoride with flavors that encourage on the swallow
3)Better to stay away fluoride product out of reach from youngsters.
It is wise to possess a thought what quantity kid ought to consume fluoride.
Some of the treatment measures are
1)The consumption of fluoride affects solely the looks of the teeth, not gums or cavity. The best treatment for Dental fluorosis is to mask the stains.
2)In the severe case of Dental Fluorosis, it's mask with Dental Bonding,Dental crowns or Dental Veneers.

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